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5 Tips for Long Flights

Airplane in the sky

Long flights can be very languorous and exasperating. Even the thought of it can set off sad emotions. Do you have one coming up and worried about how you’re going to handle the length of time in the air? Whether your next flight is six hours or even sixteen! Here are five genius tips you should consider while you’re in the air.

Feel Fresh & Get Comfy

Stay Fresh with in-flight toiletries

Staying fresh on a long flight could makes you feel invigorated and comfortable. Bring your own face wipe or washcloth and toothbrush. You’d feel better if you sleep with a clean face and mouth. Also get a gel cushion because most airliner seats are not really comfortable. You should also indulge yourself to a travel pillow, which will save you from neck cramps post-flight.

Create a Schedule

Woman creating a schedule in-flight

While on a long flight, it is wise to create a schedule of activities. Break everything up into smaller segments. For example, when you’re eating, only eat. Don’t watch a movie. You can decide to read for an hour, then watch a movie for 2 - 3 hours. Take a break. Chat with your in-flight neighbor, in all make sure you break everything into smaller parts.

Exercise in the Air

Flight aisle

Staying idle for a long time can be detrimental for your health especially your back. Get up and walk up and down the aisle frequently. You may frequently have to dodge arms and legs overflowing into the aisle, especially when a lot of people are sleeping but it is worth it. This will help you avoid stiffness and muscle cramps as well as deep thrombosis from sitting too long.

Massage ball

Also bring a small massage ball in your carry-on. Sitting on the ball and moving it between sore spots helps alleviate back and hip pain.

Entertain the Kids

Toys for kids

It could be frustrating for adults on long flights, now imagine kids in the mix, that could turn into chaos if not handle with care and wisdom. Traveling with small children? Take one new toy for every hour in the air. They don’t have to be brand new or big, just things they have never seen before. Each hour, you can give your child a boredom-fighting gift.

Child interacting with iPad device

Make sure you got a mobile device like your Apple iPad where you can download your child’s favorite TV shows to keep them engaged. Most entertainment video streaming platforms like Disney +, Apple TV + and Boomerang provide download options, where you can easily download tv shows and movies when wifi connections aren’t strong or available for streaming.

Be Patient

Calm woman in-flight

This may sound a bit difficult to achieve especially when it feels like you are confined in a space for a long period of time, but try not to look at your watch until they announce “we are approaching our destination”.

Also, try to remain calm, be it weather delays, lost luggage, rude travelers, etc. There are a thousand little things that can make travel challenging. There are various mind-calming apps and games on the Apple App and Google Play Store to explore from.

Why make a long trip any more difficult than it has to be? Only you have control over how you choose to handle the trip.

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