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Benefits of having a Permanent Residency

image showing permanent resident card, visa and passport

Obtaining permanent residency status in a country can bring several benefits to an individual. While specific advantages may vary depending on the country of residence, here are some common benefits associated with permanent residency:

Right to Live and Work:

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Permanent residency grants you the right to live and work in the country indefinitely. You can pursue employment opportunities and establish a stable life without the time restrictions imposed on temporary visa holders.

Work Opportunities:

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With permanent residency, you typically have the right to work in the country without the need for a work visa or sponsorship. This provides greater flexibility in pursuing job opportunities and career advancement.

Family Benefits:

Happy African American couple with their two children

Permanent residency can extend to immediate family members, allowing them to join you in the country or have a pathway to residency as well. This can provide a sense of unity and facilitate family reunification.

Social Benefits:

A court gavel with a signage saying 'welfare'

Permanent residents often have access to various social benefits, including healthcare, education, and social welfare programs. You can benefit from subsidized healthcare, public education, and other government-funded services available to residents.

Travel Flexibility:

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Permanent residents usually have greater travel freedom compared to temporary visa holders. They may be able to travel in and out of the country more easily without the need for additional visas or extensive documentation.

Legal Protection:

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As a permanent resident, you are protected by the laws of the country and have access to legal remedies. You are entitled to the legal and judicial system's support and can seek legal recourse if necessary.

Financial Benefits:

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Permanent residents often have access to financial services, such as opening bank accounts, obtaining mortgages, and investing in properties. They can also enjoy tax benefits and contribute to retirement funds or social security programs.

Integration and Cultural Exchange:

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Permanent residency offers the opportunity to integrate into the local society, become familiar with the culture, and build long-term relationships with residents of the country. It provides an opportunity for cultural exchange and personal growth.

Pathway to Citizenship:

An envelope containing a passport and US flag.

Permanent residency is often a step toward obtaining citizenship. By meeting certain requirements and residing in the country for a specified period, you may become eligible to apply for citizenship, which grants additional rights and privileges.

Having mentioned these great advantages, the specific benefits of permanent residency can vary depending on the country and its immigration policies. It's recommended to research the specific rights and privileges associated with permanent residency in the country you are interested in and that's where Kahera Global comes to play. We can help you with the hassles of researching! Contact us today to speak with one of our Luxury Specialists to know the best location suitable for your needs and budget.

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