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Mauritius: Your Next Tropical Destination!

Mauritius is a unique holiday destination! Mauritius has a marvelous blend of cultures, welcoming people, natural attractions, a varied cuisine and a huge mix of ethnic communities. This island in the Indian Ocean has over 330 kilometers of coastline, surrounded by coral reef. Honeymooners often like to soak up the sun on the beach or have a night out at the local bar or tavern. Families are often to be found hiking in the jungle interior, snorkeling in the clear waters or swimming with the dolphins.

With all the activities available, Mauritius will surely impress even the most cynical visitor. Here are reasons why you should visit this natural paradise.

The Tropical Atmosphere is Fantastic!

Warm and pleasant year-round, Mauritius' weather cools down slightly around July and peaks in February when summer is at its apex. Mauritius enjoys some of the best island weather around the globe. Also, it is known for its crystal clear water and sandy beaches. The ocean is always nice and balmy, which means that you can always hit the waves when the heat rises.

A Foodie Haven of Exotic Cuisines

The island has a deliciously diverse food culture that carries French, Creole, Chinese and Indian influences, to name but a few. Be sure to scan restaurant menus for daube, fish vindaye, chicken or fish kalia (mixed with vegetables), mutton halim (a soup), a classic tomato-based chicken stew and a local take on Indian vindaloo. From lavish meals prepared by world-renowned chefs at gorgeous restaurants by the water's edge, to tasty street food served up by talented vendors along cobbled side streets, there's something for every taste and budget.

Mauritius also has over four centuries of history with sugar cane, and the sweet crop is still the island’s major export, vital to its economy and lifestyle. If you fancy tea tasting, hit the Bois Cherie tea estate, where you get to taste more than 10 types of tea in fragrant blends or try the island’s famous babonne, a fleshy white fish similar to red snapper.

Experience Mauritian Culture

The Mauritian people are some of the warmest, most genuinely welcoming individuals you’d meet. There’s no official religion here and Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists all live in harmony. There isn’t an official language either, but Mauritian Creole is a French based language which borrows a number of words from English, African and Asian languages. While on the island, you should endeavor to see one of the Sega performances. Sega is an invigorating traditional dance that originated in Africa and is regularly performed around the island. The Sega is usually sung in Creole and the dance starts with gentle swaying to a slow and solemn tune, and gradually becomes more animated as the tempo increases. Mauritius is a unique holiday destination, seamlessly blending different cultures into a rich melting pot of beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and exciting tourist attractions.

Nature at its Best

Mauritius has an immersive scenic experience. The island has around a dozen nature reserves and botanical gardens to explore, plus mountainous vistas, waterfalls and tropical forests. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Le Morne Cultural Landscape, with a viewpoint called Maconde, is an impressive mountain that just out into the ocean; its peninsula sheltered runaway slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Want to see something really colorful? You should visit Chamarel. Chamarel is a small village in Mauritius and a major tourist draw. This place is known for its coloured layers of sand. The soil is marked by vibrant swirls and stripes of red, green, yellow, indigo and violet. You can easily climb up the observation deck and marvel at the array of colours. What’s amazing is that you can buy test tubes filled with the seven coloured sands of Chamarel as a souvenir to take back home.

The Island of Festivities & Activities

Each February, around 500,000 people make the pilgrimage on foot to Grand Bassin, a lake near which stands a giant statue of Lord Shiva (Mangal Mahadev) to experience what’s said to be the largest Hindu pilgrimage outside India; the Maha Shivaratri. You can also visit during Diwali, the festival of light, held every autumn, and feast on gâteau patate – sweet potato and coconut cakes made and offered as gifts between families and neighbours. Other festivals such as Thaipusam, Ganesh Chathurthi, Ugadi and Chinese New Year are also widely celebrated in this multicultural island.

If you are seeking adrenaline-boosting activities or bored, you can go zip lining or hiking through the rainforest, try canyoning in the waterfalls or take to the water and explore every kind of ocean-based sport available. You can also try kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding or sailing, which are available at various hotels and resorts around the island.

Mauritius is a quintessential island destination and if it’s tropical heat you want, an island with an abundance of open spaces for recreation, and a unique experience that you can only have off the coast of Africa, this is the place to get it!

Make Mauritius part of your bucket-list tropical destination for the year! Considering planning a trip to this exotic location? Speak with one of our Luxury Travel Specialist, we are here to help you throughout the travel experience. Click here to get started.

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