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Reasons to Visit Barbados Today

There are so many wonderful reasons to visit Barbados on your next vacation. Barbados is considered to be one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. The beautiful country boasts spectacular natural scenes, an authentic culture and plenty of things to do with both friends and family. Each place in Barbados has a story, every meal is a celebration, and each day promises new experiences, discoveries and memories to last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a laid-back getaway from the city or an active vacation, Barbados is the perfect destination.

Exotic Bajan Cuisines at your Fingertips!

Don’t miss the spectacular array of top-notch Caribbean cuisine that the island has to offer. The island has amazing restaurants. It has more oceanfront and beachfront restaurants than anywhere else in the Caribbean. From street food to fine dining, Barbados will excite your taste buds. Bajan food is an eclectic mix of African, Caribbean, West Indian and European cuisines. This mix of cuisines combined with the fact that the locals have access to some of the best and freshest fish in the world is a winning combination. Try what is practically the national dish – fried flying fish and cou-cou with spicy sauce. Another Bajan favorite is pudding and souse, with its tasty pickled pork and if you want some local flavors? You can try out the fried bakes and salt fish along with tasty Caribbean fruit that only the tropical weather can offer.

Indulge in the Natural Beauty of Barbados

Barbados is great for sight-seeing. It is a stunningly beautiful country with verdant rainforests, mountains, rivers and beautiful coastlines. It is a wonderfully charming Caribbean island with much to do. Barbados is blessed with year-round tropical weather and a perfect location to discover stunning natural beauty. Barbados has more than 70 miles of beautiful beaches to enjoy. The western side of the island is where you will find some Robinson Crusoe style beaches with soft white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Some of the most popular beaches include Paynes Bay Beach, Gibbes Beach, and Reeds Bay.

Some of the top tours in Barbados include a visit to the many caves, such as Harrison’s Cave where you can see ancient stalagmites and stalactites. Another option is the Animal Flower Cave, accessible from the sea while cruising around the island. For flora lovers, the Andromeda Gardens offer a lovely 6 acres of well-manicured plants, while fauna enthusiasts will enjoy the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.The Barbados Wildlife Reserve has some amazing wildlife, and many of the most interesting species. You will see Green Monkeys everywhere, but you are also likely to see Mongoose, Pelicans, the red-footed tortoise, tree frogs, flamingos, lizards brocket deer and pelicans.

Experience True Caribbean Culture

Barbados has a great authentic Caribbean Culture and is one of the most interesting islands from a historical point of view. Besides nature and adventure, there are plenty of cultural places to visit in Barbados. The island has very strong links to The British Colonial Empire. Bridgetown boasts colorful and inspiring colonial architecture, with souvenir shops for Caribbean keepsakes sprinkled through the touristic path. Barbados also has one of the oldest synagogues in the Caribbean. It is called Nidhe Israel founded in 1654.

If you want to experience Bajan Culture at its very best, head to the authentic fish fry at Oistins which take place every Friday or else to go Barbados’s extremely colourful Crop Over Festival. The Crop Over runs through August and is a true carnival atmosphere. The celebration honors the end of the sugar cane season, traditionally an important time for the island, and features street festivals, concerts, music, dance and a final carnival.

Sensational Nightlife Splendor

Explore beach bars and parties, dancing calypso, reggae and soca, and delicious, locally-produced rum. People here are called Bajans; they are warm, friendly and known for their kind hospitality. They have a great sense of fun and love to dance and sing. There is plenty of reggae, jazz and fun night spots especially on the first and second street in Holetown. Holetown is known for the best nightlife around the island, where you can dance the night away to local rhythms and a rum punch.

Speaking of rum, did you know that rum is big business in Barbados? And if you are a rum lover, then it is possible to visit the Mount Gay Rum Distillery which is the world’s oldest Distillery and still one of the world's most popular rums.

Also try out the Food and Rum festival, which will not only tickle your taste buds, but offer up a number of concerts, tastings and street parties.

The Ultimate Sea Adventure

Barbados is one of the best islands in the Caribbean to enjoy water-sports. The island also offers superb deep-sea diving. There are lots of shipwrecks to explore as well as a wide variety of sea life such as stingrays, reef sharks, striped dolphins, flying fish, seahorses and some excellent coral reefs. Also, there is snorkelling, surfing, sailing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, glass bottom boat rides, jet skiing, water skiing and much more.

The island of Barbados is one of the best places to enjoy a day Catamaran cruise. Enjoy fabulous lunch while seeing the coastline from the sea and let’s not forget, “Bajan Partying” is also a practiced culture while cruising the West Coast. If you fancy taking a look at the sea life but don’t want to go deep sea diving, Barbados has a great underwater submarine that will take you to the bottom of the sea bed where you can view everything in comfort and safety. The “Atlantis” tour is loved by both you and old and creates great memories.

If you like to be active on vacation, Barbados is a great choice! Many expect Barbados to be a once-in-a-lifetime type of trip, but quickly discover that it is the kind of place you want to return to, time and time again. With so much to do, it is probably pretty obvious now why travelers keep coming back!

Let’s help you today to plan your next trip to Barbados. Why choose us? Excellent service and attention to the tiniest detail of our customer needs is our core value and our vast clienteles both individual and corporate entities can attest to that.

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- William Griffiths, WCG Consulting

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