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5 Tips to Speed Through Airport Lines

Airport lines are a gigantic hassle when you’re trying to catch a flight. Between checking your luggage and getting through security, You could spend quite a while on long lines which are parts of air travel, but with the right strategies, there are plenty of ways to save time. Below are 5 tips for speeding through airport lines.

Avoid Certain Travel Days

Avoid long lines at the airport by being strategic when booking your travel dates. Traveling around major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas results in busy airports, so steer clear of these dates. If it can’t be avoided, try not to fly during peak travel times, like Fridays and Mondays. Wednesday is typically the slowest day for airlines, so try flying midweek.

Use Mobile and Curbside Check-In

If you’re not checking bags, using mobile check-in is the easiest way to skip these lines entirely. Just remember to check-in online 24 hours before you’re scheduled to depart. Checking luggage? then using curbside check-in is a simple way to speed up the entire process. The service is available at several major airports.

Get TSA PreCheck

Signing up for TSA PreCheck is one of the best ways to sail through security lines at the airport. The process requires a brief online application, followed by a $85 five-year membership fee, an in-person interview, a background check, and fingerprinting. You’ll be able to go through the designated PreCheck line once you’re approved, and that eliminates all of the hassles that hold up security lines, like removing liquids and electronic devices and taking off your shoes.

Apply for Global Entry

If you travel internationally, consider applying for Global Entry to avoid those daunting customs lines. Similar to TSA PreCheck, Global Entry allows for low-risk, pre-approved travelers to receive expedited service in the airport. The application costs $100 for a five-year membership and as members of the “Trusted Travelers Program,” these travelers can skip the customs lines after disembarking the plane by using the Global Entry kiosks. The kiosks read passports, scan fingerprints and also allow travelers to declare goods electronically.

Sign Up for Clear

Signing up for Clear is the way to go if you want to skip airport lines entirely. Certified by Homeland Security and available at 50 U.S. airports, the private company uses biometric technology to scan your irises and fingerprints, turning them into an encrypted code that is unique only to you. It cost only $179 annual fee and the technology negates the need for any traditional ID documents and once approved, you can bypass the TSA checkpoint for IDs and skip ahead to the front of the PreCheck line.

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